Meet The Team!

We’re pretty proud of our little team here at Giant Deckchairs & Friends. Below you can find out about the lovely people and the machines behind the creation of our beautiful deckchairs.

When we’re not immersed in crafting deckchairs, you’ll find us enjoying our wondrous world: tearing it up on two wheels, chilling on the beach or hiking through the forests, rivers and wetlands of Devon.



Founder & Craftsman

The small man behind the giant chair.



Great at handling wood.


Product development

Has a keen eye for creating and designing new products.


Sales and Marketing

Otto's mum and a fan of all things weird. 


Office Dawg.



Office bin, supplies all our waste and recycling needs.

Elvis Pressley

Printing Press

The king of pressing.​​​​​​​

Carly Rae Epson

Super clever printer

Carly can print anything.

Aled Jones

Old school sewing machine. 

The oldest member of our team.

Nigella Sawson, Graham Sawton & Makita Oliver

The Saw trio.

Known for their sharp wit.

Mark Suckerberg

Dust extractor

Suckerberg helps keep our workshop clean and safe on a daily basis.

Drill Family, Drillip Scholfield, Drilly Allen, Drill Mitchell, Drill Bryson and Drilla Black

The whole drilling bunch.