Do you provide a warranty with your products?
All our handmade products are built in Devon to a very high standard, and come with a 5 year workmanship warranty on the assembly of the chair. Our products are made from sustainably sourced wood and our stainless steel and galvanised fixtures and fixings are sourced from multiple suppliers.  Due to variables beyond our control, and the individual circumstances our Deckchairs are subject to, we can't offer a guarantee how long our products will last.

What is your turnaround time? 
Once we’ve had full payment, and you’ve confirmed via email you are happy with your artwork (if applicable), we will send confirmation to our print team. We currently print every Tuesday and Friday, and aim to dispatch on Thursdays and Tuesdays on a requested next day* delivery service. (*while a next day service is requested this cannot be guaranteed - some parts of the UK and international deliveries may take longer) 

I want a customised sling, is it cheaper for me to have less colours in my artwork? 
All our customised slings are printed on a white base fabric allowing any design you like, limited only by your imagination! There is no price difference for less colour or simple designs. If you prefer a single block colour sling with no artwork, we have a limited selection to accommodate this, just let us know and we will quote you accordingly.

What format should I send my artwork in? 
We need your artwork as a vector in a print ready format, as a PDF, AI or EPS file, with all text outlined and a minimum resolution of 150 dpi. Click here to view our design guides and templates. Logos should be sent as a PDF, AI or EPS file.

Why can’t you use JPG or PNG files? 
Due to the size of the our Deckchair slings, JPG & PNG files are too small and will appear pixelated and blurry when blown up to the correct size. Though we advise against using JPG & PNG files we can use them as a last resort.

Can you add some text to my design? 
To make sure your artwork is as you want it, we ask you to supply the exact font / wording as a PDF, AI or EPS file with any text converted to outlines.

Do you have a risk assessment for your Deckchairs? 
Our Giant Deckchairs are tested to rigorous European safety standards, and our fabric is B1 fire rated and waterproof. Due to the variety of settings our products are situated in and the varying requirements of each customer, we aren’t able to offer a risk assessment. Our safety and maintenance guide will help you form the basis of any risk assessment you may need to complete. 

Do you offer charity discounts? 
We have an allocated budget for supporting local charities to us here in Exeter.

Can I recycle my sling? 
This is something we are working on, and we hope to be able to share news of our new partnership soon, so watch this space! In the meantime, send us your old sling and we’ll give you 10% off the cost of a replacement. The 10% off your next order code will expire 2 months after we receive your old sling.

How do I remove my sling? 
Please give us a call or send us an email, as the removal method changes depending on the style of frame you have. 

Can I have a fabric sample? 
Yes! We have standard samples we can send you to show what we can produce.  If you want to check the colour likeness to your branding please confirm the colour reference you require with the HEX or Pantone code.

Do certain colours fade faster? 
Our customised slings have been tested using the’ Martindale Light Fast test’ and scored a respectable 7 (out of 10).  We do not expect our slings to fade, however UV rays, heat and extreme usage can all contribute to changes in the material colour.  We recommend that you cover or store your Deckchair when not in use to help prolong its life.

My sling is looking dirty, can I wash it? 
Yes, you can keep your fabric clean using fresh water and a gentle brush. For more stubborn ingrained dirt use some warm water (below 30°C) and a mild soap solution making sure to rinse thoroughly after. Do not use chlorine or bleach based products, or a pressure washer on your deckchair. Always allow your deckchair to dry naturally. For best results we recommend re-proofing after cleaning, with a product such as Fabsil Universal Protector.

Can I just buy a frame?
Yes. Just pick your size here, add it to the basket and you're good to go

Can I buy a new sling without the chair? 
Yes. Our slings are classed as a consumable product so can be replaced as often as you need to keep up with changes to your brand, seasonal events and general wear and tear. 

What is a sling? 
The sling is the term we use to refer to the fabric that you sit in. 

What is the sling made of? 
The sling is made of a strong, medium weight outdoor man-made fabric. We have chosen this for being the strongest​ printable, and scratch resistant material we have found on the market so far.

Can I keep my deckchair outside all year round? 
Your deckchair is suitable for use outside all year round, however to prolong its lifetime when its not in use we suggest you ensure it is clean and dry before folding away and storing. 

Is the chair easily stored? 
Yes, all our deckchairs will fold flat to within the thickness of the frame. When folded it measures approximately 240(l) x 146(w) x 10cm(h), the stays add an extra 10cm in height. Dimensions of the other chairs are shown on the products pages via our shop here.

What information do I need to provide for delivery?
We require a delivery contact name, number, email address and full delivery address (including postcode) prior to booking your delivery. This ensures that there is no delay and to avoid deliveries being refused. 

How long will my sling last?
This is a tricky one to answer because each deckchair is subjected to many different factors including weather, usage and how well it is maintained. Our slings are sold as a consumable product so you can replace them as often as you need. Our maintenance guide has some great tips on prolonging the life of your sling. 

Do you offer any discounts? 
Yes. We offer a discount on multiple orders of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 deckchairs based on the same artwork. We will apply any applicable discount when you add the products to your basket. 

I’d like a striped Deckchair, what colours do they come in? 
Our traditional stripes are available in red, blue, black, green, yellow and orange. If you would like a different colour, this would be classed as a customised sling, so please let us know.  

How easy is it to unfold an assembled Giant Deckchair?
Grab another pair of hands to help you if you can:

Lie the frame flat with two ‘stays’ pointing upwards

Pull up the slung part of the frame and push upwards until the ‘prop’ is high enough to sit on the top of the two ‘stays’

Secure the clip on the back through the eye. We recommend securing with a padlock through the clip to reduce the risk of tampering with the chair.

Always ensure your Giant Deckchair is located on a firm, flat and soft surface.

I’ve received my flat pack Giant Deckchair, how do I put it together? 
You can download the assembly instructions here

How much weight can my deckchair hold? 
We recommend you don't exceed the maximum weight shown below for your chair. Misuse could result in injury.
Saunton - 250kg
Croyde - 100kg
Elbury - 45kg
Bantham - 35kg

Can you match Pantone colours? 
Yes. Just make sure you set your artwork to the Pantone or HEX reference, and be sure to tell us too. We are happy to print a sample of your colour on fabric, please ask.  Computer screens and printers vary in how colours are displayed. Colours which display on the screen and are printed may not match. 

How can I secure my Saunton Giant Deckchair? 
Your Saunton Deckchair can be weighed down with sandbags, these will need to weigh at least 2x the weight of the chair. The Giant Deckchair weighs approximately 45kg.  Be aware that in strong winds your chair can blow over. 

How big is a Saunton Deckchair? 
A fully assembled Giant Deckchair is approximately 192cm (h) x 146cm (w) x 176cm (d).
When the Saunton chair is laid flat for storage they measure approximately 240cm (l) x 146cm(w) x 10cm(h), the stays add an extra 10cm in height.

Where are your terms and conditions?
You can find our terms and conditions here. 

Where does your timber come from, and is it sustainable? 
To make our Saunton Deckchairs we source our softwood timber from a local company and one in North Wales, both family owned, ensuring the wood has the highest of sustainable certificates (PEFC).

Is your wood treated? 
All our wood is kiln dried. Our Saunton Deckchair is treated with a preservative called Tanalith E to prolong its lifespan. Our Croyde, Elbury and Bantham deckchairs have been treated with teak oil.

How sustainable is your company?
We run on 100% renewable energy and only turn our printers on once or twice a week to create longer print runs to save energy. We recycle all our waste (even down to food waste from our packed lunches) and all our deckchairs are packaged in boxes containing at least 60% recycled content. It's 100% recyclable too. We also opt to ‘go green’ with our couriers whenever we can. 

Why is there a packing / packaging cost? 
Before any of our Giant Deckchairs are dispatched from our warehouse, they are fully assembled to ensure all the parts fit correctly and that there are no defects. We then take the time to pack your deckchair as efficiently as we can to ensure the product reaches you in perfect condition. There is no wasted space in our boxes, and all our packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials. 

How big is the print area?
The visible print area of your Saunton Deckchair is approximately 3m².

Can you deliver internationally?
Yes. We can arrange delivery worldwide (you’d be surprised by how far our Giant Deckchairs have travelled). For countries outside Europe, our Giant Deckchairs are supplied with aluminium poles to reduce weight for shipping, however if you’d prefer wooden poles, let us know. International delivery times will be longer, so if you have a specific deadline, please get in touch as soon as possible. Just a note, the consignee is responsible for any currency conversion charges, import duty and taxes associated with their order. 

Can you provide a wood treatment certificate? 
Yes. Certain countries require proof of the source of our timber and the treatment applied to meet legislation regarding pests and parasites. If you need a copy, please let us know ASAP.

What is the difference between a ‘legacy’ frame and a ‘modern’ frame? 
Like all great designs we have evolved our Giant Deckchairs over the years. Our legacy frame refers to our older model bought before December 2016, which have slings that are nailed to a bar that slots into the top and bottom poles. Modern frames have slings which slide side to side on the top and bottom poles. 

If you need a replacement sling for your Giant Deckchair, we request that you double check and confirm which frame type you require as some customers have both models. It is your responsibility to ensure the correct sling type is ordered. Giant Deckchairs Limited will not be liable for the incorrect sling type ordered. If you are in any doubt, please contact us first. 

What if I change my mind?
Once we have received your payment and artwork approval, your order will be sent to print and we cannot accept cancellations. We cannot accept returns because you don't like your fabric when it arrives. We strongly advise that you order a sample of your design so that you can check that the design works (no gaps in the repeat, etc) and that the colour is as you expect. It is your responsibility to ensure that your design works; we do not check your design before we print your fabric.

Can I buy a sling for a chair made by another company?
Yes, we can make slings for chairs not made by us. You will need to provide exact measurements and specifications. 

Can I buy just fabric?
Yes! We are able to print your design on fabric so you can create whatever you desire. We sell printed fabric off the roll, by the meter, with no sewing or finishing. The fabric is 150cm wide, by whatever length you need (minimum 100cm length) so bear this in mind when designing the repeat on your fabric. 


Deckchair - refers to the frame & sling

Sling - the fabric part that you sit in

Traditional - our striped, unprinted deckchairs 

Customised - our fully bespoke slings printed with your design

Stays - the two protruding wooden pieces which hold your Saunton Deckchair frame up

Frame - the wooden construction your deckchair is made of 

Props - the diagonal wooden pieces connected to the prop brace
Prop brace - The wooden cross section which sits in the stays to hold your frame up

Poles - the two round poles which your sling hang on

Vector - A true vector image can be scaled to no end, with no pixels or distortion affecting quality. Popular vector file creating software includes Adobe Illustrator, Gimp and Inkscape.

DPI - Stands for "Dots Per Inch." DPI is used to measure the resolution of an image both on screen and in print. As the name suggests, the DPI measures how many dots fit into a linear inch. Therefore, the higher the DPI, the more detail can be shown in an image.

Updated 28/11/19