Our humble beginnings

Giant Deckchairs & Friends began life by chance. Ben Partridge, our Founder, noticed an oversized deckchair whilst partying at a festival in 2011. Ben, who was a carpenter at the time, found the thought process simple – ‘I could make these, maybe even better, and start my first business.’
Seven years on, Giant Deckchairs & Friends have sold over 2,000 chairs across the globe and consider themselves as the original and the best Giant Deckchair makers in the business.

What’s important to us

Our ethos very much stems from our founder – humble and reserved, Ben’s passion lies in using his hands, making beautifully crafted stuff that lasts and lasts whilst at the same time treads lightly on our fragile planet. 

No shouting and ranting here, it’s about quietly and serenely going about our business, and showing respect to the world around us. 

We don’t get up in the morning purely to slice off another quarter percent off our operating costs. Our world has more humility.  We leap out of bed to make, build and finesse. Every day, we obsess over the tiny details, constantly looking to make improvements, the difference between a regular steel bolt and an elegant stainless fixing matter to us.  Really, they do!

We pride ourselves in having as personal relationship as possible with our customers. Our sales and customer service team care about every order and have fun doing it. We may ask you lots of questions and ask for regular confirmations from you, but that’s because we strive to get it right, every single time.

In many ways we feel where we live, work and play, in Devon, has moulded the way we think and behave.  

We see the beauty of our surroundings every day which reinforces our desire that everything we do is as sustainable as possible.  

We source our timber from local, family-owned companies and ensure the wood has the highest of sustainable certificates (PEFC). 

Our build process is more complex than our competitors. Our frames are treated once the individual wooden components have been machined and prepared, this ensures any wood cuts are sealed thoroughly. Any clean wood wastage is used to keep us warm: recycle and upcycle – that’s the path for us please!

We’re committed to making informed decisions about our impact on the environment. Ben takes this several steps further by opting to either cycle or run to work and buys second hand clothes.

The world we live in inspires us; we like nothing better than to be out in the elements, embracing its beauty, from mountain biking across Dartmoor, taking holidays in Shetland on a whim, to snowboarding whenever the opportunity arises. The outdoors is where you’ll find most of our team when we’re not crafting chairs and pushing the boundaries to make the highest quality products we can.